Friday, March 17, 2006

4-panel x 2

Previous 4-panels.
20060307. Chapter 54 thoughts


happy d said...

hey mabel!

did you create these comics? they are so cute and well drawn~

happy d said...

oh this is hyedie - who used to work at mainframe with you (i hope this is the mabel that worked at mainframe!)

Black Label said...

Oh Hyedie! Wow! Long time no see! How are you? You beat me to comments, hahaha! I've gotta check out your blog too! Can I put a link to it? Yup I drew those comics. I'm glad you like them. That's my... hmm... little cup of tea. (^_^)

happy d said...

wow you'd link to my blog? thanks so much!!!

i'm doing ok - i'm in toronto now~ are you still in vancouver? what are you up to now?

yay! i'm so glad you remember me :D

currently i'm working at 'kids help phone' as their in-house web/print designer. i'm also trying to draw more these days.

i really like your work :) can't wait to see more!