Friday, March 10, 2006

Chapter 56 thoughts

This is the shower scene in question. Other blogs have talked about it, but no one actually put it into picture. So here it is. (Free graphics are from Common Sun.) Seems like the shower door barely covers Mustang's butt! Armstrong doesn't even look like he can fit into the stall!

There seems to be a history about furniture size issues. In Chapter 24, Ed sat in a sofa that was perfectly his size! But wait! in Chapter 5, there was an Al size sofa too! Hmm... So Mustang keeps sofas of 3 different sizes in his office! One for himself, one for Ed and one for Al! (?)

One other question after reading chapter 56... Will Al be able to perform human transmutation on himself? He doesn't have a human body anymore! Hmm... I'm sure the manga will solve this later...

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