Saturday, March 04, 2006

Episode 1

It was actually shown 3 times. 7 p.m., 10 p.m., and 1 a.m. I only caught the last 10 minutes or so in the first 2 runs, but I managed to watch the whole thing the third time. It was... hmm... how should I put it? "Not the same?"

Like the original, there's no opening credit and song. But the first commercial break came only after 3 minutes, between the failed transmutation and the desert scene. That is just outrageous!! I wonder how many people would just change the channel! And it totally breaks the flow of the story! The next commercial break was at 10 minutes, and the last one at 25 minutes. End credits and song followed. A total of 3 commercial breaks! Too many!

Hold on! The original set up had the opening at the end! But YTV frankensteined up their own with the second opening song and shots from the first opening! Not to mention they cut off 2/3!

Well, OK, as some people don't care or consider the OPs and EDs part of the show, I'd leave the subject. But I personally think they're the essence of the show.

Perhaps I'm not used to watching anime in English. The acting felt very stiff. Everyone sounded like they're reading the lines with too much effort (in a bad way). Especially the actor who plays Ed. He sounded very unnatural and snobby. Hope he'll get more relaxed later. I don't think this actor is a good match with the character. Plus, he can't play kid's voice! He simply can't play kids! He totally ruined the first 3 minutes of the episode! That was, sadly, also the most important scene in the show!

Sometimes the dialogue felt cramp. They tried to say too many words in a short time. The translation was "interpreted" at a few places too. Off hand, near the end...
  • Ed's voice in Rose's head was treated as actual dialogue. (Conello responded to it.)
  • It was supposed to be funny when Ed revealed that he was not sent by the army.
Well, although I'm sort of prepared for the English dub version, I still suspect this blog would end up whining about the same thing every episode.

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Andrija said...

Just keep watching. YTV actually does have openings and endings, even though they do intrude them with commercials for a bit. But it's much better than regular TV - where you don't get to see or hear the endings AT ALL! And they show the anime uncut, unlike some other networks. Stop nitpicking on everything - you do have to buy the real DVDs if you want to enjoy the show to its fullest, but YTV is doing better than other stations.