Thursday, March 30, 2006

Father of a cosplay girl?

Went to Crystal mall with a friend today. Yup, that Chinese mall in Burnaby. And of course how can I not stop at the 3 toy stores. Just when I stepped out from the second store, a small-built middle age Chinese man came in and ask the clerk if the store carries "Edward Elric's costume". An image of him wearing that red coat instantly popped into my head and... I burst into giggle. (Oops! Sorry I know it was rude... but I couldn't help it.) He might have noticed and added, it's for his daughter. Ah-ha, that's more like it.

While imagining what his daughter would look like in that costume, my friend and I went to the 3rd toy store. 30 seconds later, that same man came in and asked the same thing. Wow, what a dedicated father! I was impressed, and also glad to see the show starting to gain popularity.

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