Saturday, April 08, 2006

Air shipment (not?)

I carelessly came across the air shipment of manga book 13, art book #2, and Gangan magazine May issue at the Japanese book store. (Oops, the Gangan isn't by air.) I've already placed an order for the sea shipment manga over a month ago (for it's deck of playing cards, hehehe...) but it still feels quite tough holding the actual book in your hands. The art book can wait. It's slightly under $40 as air shipment and I'd like to take a peep inside first.

However, I think I spent at least 5 minutes struggling in front of the Gangan magazine contemplating whether to buy it or not. First, this magazine is kinda rare. The book store probably only has 1 or 2 copies. Second, this issue comes with 2 extra playing cards and a special card case! Does this mean, the deck of cards from the manga doesn't come with any case? If not, I'd better buy the magazine! But it costs $10! Paying $10 for 2 cards plus a case is a bit...

I'm so worried I'd actually make the purchase the next time I see it. The only thing holding me back is the possibility of the book store scamming us, because they claim the air shipment synchronises with Japanese release date. But as far as I know, those books came out on March 22, which is 2 weeks ago. So even if they were by air, they are't worth the price anymore. (Those books weren't there when I last visited 3 days ago.)

I know, I know, the magazine has nothing to do with this. But it's just personal principle struggling with greed.

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