Thursday, April 27, 2006


There must be some kind of force at work. There has to be. (Sorry, no Jedi here, though.)

A while ago, I was searching for FMA figurines online and came across an interesting Japanese blog by @syo. And then through it, arrived at his web site. His manga is so interesting, it's a crime to let it sit buried. So I decided to take on the task of English translation in the hope of showing more North American audience. Of course I'd like to do it properly and need official permission.

One day when I visited the site, I couldn't believe my eyes! The counter showed 1111! Wow that's the first time ever in my whole life to hit a special number! Yup, the force said, send the message now! But, but... I was still in the middle of composing it! (I can only input with English on my computer. Writing in Japanese is a copy-and-paste process from translation sites. A huge hassle and extremely slow.) Nevertheless, there was no way I could go against the force, so the message was quickly cleaned up and sent in a state of panic. (Oops!! Forgot to take a screen snap shot for souvenir! Oh well...) And so we started communicating through blog comments and the manga translation began.

Before you know it, the counter grew to 2219 when I visited later. Just for the sake of curiosity, I refreshed the page... and wow, the counter advanced! Yikes! 3 clicks and I hit 2222! Oh my God!!! What have I done!!! (I'm soooo sorry, @syo...!) This time I did take a souvenir screen shot, though. It reeeally made me feel guilty when he said he'd draw me a souvenir picture! Oh dear... oh dear... The only way I could make up for the cheating was to draw him a picture for his second site's opening.

So, here's the souvenir picture. Coooool, isn't it? Thanks so much, @syo! I love it! (Click to see it in full size.)

This prince-charming version of Ed is from May Chang's fantasy in the original manga. If Alphonse Heiderich (movie character) had a brother who resembles Ed, he'd probably look like that! Since May has already met the real Ed, this fantasy character will vanish forever. That's why I asked for him. Thanks for letting me request, @syo! (^_^)

However, the counter story didn't end here. 2 days ago while I visited his blog, it was at 24998! Two hits before the special number with a souvenir drawing! Well, I just received one fresh from the oven, and was pretty satisfied with getting so close to the number, the chance should be saved for someone else. So I ran Photoshop and did the screen snap shot thing. And then I went back to see where the counter was at, totally expecting it to have gone beyond. And... BOOM! 25000!! Aaaaaargh!!!!! Oh my God!!!!! Oooh~ my God!!!!!

Yup, third time...! (The force has to be at work here...)

Nope, I didn't cheat. But some one else seems to want the drawing, and that makes me feel guilty. Hmm... I think this time I'd like to request the prince-charming again, since he's already a goner.

The manga translation is almost ready. And I'd like to save the links until then. Thanks again, @syo! (^_^)

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