Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Toys @ Sakura Media

Went to Metrotown the other day to check out the new branch of Sakura Media. And there they are! Tons of FMA action figures! Just when I thought they're fading out. (Yup, that did increase my heart beat for about 3 minutes.) When these action figures first became available, they were around $38. Now, $21 - $23. I got mine for about $25, not too bad. I'm surprised to see Ed being the more expensive one. Usually Al gets sold out first and is more expensive. (And yup, I also only bought Al. Ed isn't as well made.)

And there's the special edition of comic book #4 which comes with either an Al or Ed figurine. Oops... I forgot how much, but it's close to $30, I think. This is a dirty trick to make fans buy 2 copies. Evil!!!!!! The figurines look like they're from Square Enix Trading Art part 1, but less well made.

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