Sunday, May 07, 2006

Manga book #13 special edition

Yay~! Book 13 is finally here! (Actually got it almost 2 weeks ago. But I've been spending too much time on writing to my pen pal and totally slack off on my own block...) This special first-print edition comes with a set of playing cards!

Can't wait to see...

Arakawa specially drew up new pictures for some of these cards.

OK... I thought it would be in one stack? The packaging is a little unexpected. (I'm used to those phonebook-like shojo magazine's freebies, which would be packaged in one stack, even inside the card case.)

Huh??? Where's the case?

Aaaaargh!!! Don't tell me...

...Oh no! It doesn't come with a case!!!!!!!! Aaaaargh!!!!!

Sob sob sob... I should have bought the Gangan magazine when I saw it! Sob sob sob... Without a case, I don't even want to unpack the cards...

(Took a peep, and the number cards are just numbers. Not pictures. Aaaaargh!!!)

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