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Episode 14

Aired 20060602. Destruction's Right Hand. Original title, The Right Hand of Destruction. (Hmm... slightly different in emphasis...) This is the first episode of the second season so the opening and ending are new. But... since they use the same OP all the way so there's no difference. Only the ending is changed and cut short as usual.

Here's the episode guide and detailed recap at

Well, I must be getting used to the dub. There isn't anything that bugs me enough to whinn. Oh no... but, but this is an English-dub-bashing blog!! Aaargh! OK maybe there's one.

Inside the tunnel (?) when Scar hunts down Marco and the brothers...
  • Al: "Then you should understand why I can't just sit by and watch my brother get killed. Even you should..."
  • Scar: "I do. I understand exactly how it feels to watch your brother murdered before your eyes when you can't do a thing. In fact, maybe... I'll show Ed!"
Here, it looks like Scar is about to approach Al, then Ed rushes in. But, isn't it weird for Scar to call him "Ed" instead of "Edward"? They aren't friends or anything. Originally it's just Scar's emotional moment talking about his past. Substitute the above with "That's exactly why I..." And he isn't trying to hurt Al either.

Other things to look / poke at...

Envy can't remember his original form? Then what's that in episode 50 and 51?

This Mustang looks like the Ishbal Mustang... (Banks too short!)

Al is so cute! He shouldn't need to be afraid of gun fire, but I guess the reaction is just a reflex. (This picture is enlarged.)

There are only 2 or 3 funny faces of Ed this time...

How come Ed wasn't too surprised or troubled when Gran busted in?

During the Ishbal rebellion, what the heck was Gran transformed into? An ugly gun rack??? Whoever designed this should be spanked.

And... isn't Scar's arm supposed to react to the red stone? How come he's fine when he kills Gran?

How does Al get to the tunnel (?) so fast? How come Al's arm got dented by Scar but not Ed's arm???

Oh! Actually the Lust lookalike makes her first appearance. (Scar's sister-in-law?) I never picked it up until very late. Her expression, eye, skin and hair colour are too different.

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Hmm... running out of steam here. I wonder how long I can keep up with this format. It's like... doing homework. And I don't get to draw any 4-panel manga... sob sob sob...

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