Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Episode 18

Aired 20060630. Marcoh's Notes. Same as original title.
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Dub: Central! It's good to be back!
Original: Here we are! Central!
What? He sounds like Central is his home???

Gag face #1: Ed's reaction to Brosh. Creepy~! Gag face #2: teary-eye Armstrong.

So the library is burnt. The story moves so fast...

Dub: Please Colonel, don't take it out on the phone.
Sub: Colonel, please use the phone quietly.
Another rare moment of dub surpassing sub. Not related to translation, but the following shot of the phone operator yelling at Hughes is nicely done too.

How convenient! Although the books are burnt, Scieszka comes to the rescue with her photographic memory on books! So what's the meaning of burning the library? Just to give Scar and and the Homunculi a place to battle? Or is it to give Lust the wrong impression that Marcoh's research is saved from Ed?

Gag face #3: the gang at Scieszka's door...
Dub: Ahahahaha!
Sub: Yup!
Scieszka did not make such an annoying laugh right before the commercial break!

Dub: Figuring out a way to do your job right is your problem, Lieutenant Ross. Getting the Philosopher's Stone is mine.
Sub: Then report it to your superiors! This is our problem.
Nooooo! Ed did not mention the Philosopher's stone to Ross. He shouldn't be!

Dub: When you have kids you'll understand.
Sub: I'm counting on you.
Well... this one isn't so bad. But it makes Ross's reaction a bit off.

Ed's voice sounds really strange when he talks about the life human ingredient. The actor did a bad job on trying to sound shaken. Sigh... thought I'd be done with complaining about the actors... Not. Will I ever be done...? Sob sob sob....

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