Saturday, July 29, 2006

Episode 22

Aired 20060727. Created Human. Same as original title. Here's the episode guide and detailed recap at Argh! No recap again! Sorry...

Hughes hides things about the brothers from Mustang because he didn't want to trouble him. Haha... but when I first watched the series, I got things completely wrong. Right from episode 1 when Mustang shows up in the rain, isn't that the classic way villains are introduced? Ed, as the hero of the story, also says he can't trust Mustang. Not to mention the tension between those two. All that make me think he's evil until episode 40-something. As to Hughes here, his close-up shot after the pajama Fuhrer makes him look suspicious. But that's actually to show him having doubts about the Fuhrer. So... is it just me failing to read into the characters' relationship? Or is this show made for manga fans? (I only read the manga after finishing the anime, unsatisfied with the anime ending.)

So Lust wants to become a human... (Ah, Pinocchio?) Everyone has a reason for what they do. There's no pure evil. That's what makes this series so good.

But... but! The setting is completely different in the manga!!!!! The manga Lust is proud of being a Homunculus! Aaaargh... it's increasingly difficult for me to write this blog the way it should be, after reading the manga. (Yup, I'm up to date, thanks to scanlate sites...) I don't know how long I can keep up. I can see a breaking point approaching, where I'll stop the anime review and focus on the manga only...

Back to this episode. Poor Ed gets so beaten up both mentally and physically. Shock #1, finding out his hope (the Philosopher's Stone) is actually made with human lives. #2, the army is behind all that. #3, he's a dog of that army himself. #4 what he thinks is his own will is actually set up by the homunculii. (To the viewer, #5 the return of Tucker. #6 the homunculi want to become human.)

Without his right arm, and Al taken as hostage, Ed is forced deeper and deeper into a corner where there's no escape. The true nature of a person often shows in such extreme conditions. Will Ed take the lives of the prisoners? Usually this would be a cliff-hanger which the show would drag for as long as possible. Oh I really hate this kind of dragging. But this director didn't drag! Not a single bit! Ed only hesitated for a moment and made his decision. The timing is just right. This clean, swift tempo is super refreshing. At least among all the anime I've ever seen.

Hmm... haven't been poking on the English dub for a while. Maybe I've completely gotten used to it (noooooo), or they're doing a good job...

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