Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Episode 25

Aired 20060825. Words of Farewell. The straight word-to-word translation of the original title would be "the Farewell Ceremony". But I think it doesn't mean that literally. The English one works better. Here's the episode guide and detailed recap at

So... the spot light is on Hughes. This is where he dies, and is treated as an important episode by the staff. It's very well done. Very touching. Especially the last scene of Ed eating apple pie with a smiley face.

OK, a bit out of sequence. Backing up. In Scar's Ishbal flashback, Kimbly made his entrance in a tornado? Hey he's an alchemist, not wizard!

Ed's drawing of Envy is so cute!

It doesn't makes sense that the Homunculi would make such a big mistake on Julia Douglas' identity.

Aaaargh! The annoying extra commercial break happened right in the middle of the last scene... where the spirit(?) of Hughes waves good bye to Ed! That totally ruins the flow!!!!!

And, this episode goes overtime. The end credit is shown during Hughes' funeral and the train scene. (But... sorry, I slack off on writing this right away and forgot whether the YTV version actually added the ending song back.)

Sigh... there are more things to poke at, but I don't have enough energy to write more. Still half dead from AE 2006.

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