Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Episode 26

Aired 20060901. Her Reason. Same as original title. Here's the episode guide and detailed recap at Oh! No recap, sorry! There seems to be more episodes without recap than with recap. Sigh...

Well, I'm sensing the limit closing in fast. I mean, since I've reverted to the manga, and the anime starts to tear away from the manga, it's getting more and more difficult to write these English dub bashing reviews. I might stop in a few episodes. (After that, it will be manga mainly...)

So, lots and lots to poke at, but my energy hasn't return yet, so I'll make it short. They try to inject plenty of gag. If you don't think twice, it kind of works. But... but... the brothers are 14 and 15. What's with the box of toys and comic books? And... hold on! What's on the note to Mustang? Here it is, typo and all. The first part looks fine, but the rest... I wonder if they just randomly pick stuff out of a magazine or something.

Dear Colonel Roy Mustang

Please have the HQ pay all the bills for my hospitalization, medication, food, etc. This section, by featureing a number of objects of special from the contemporary collections of the the Science Mseum, shows how broad and multi faceted a contribution modern Britain is making to science and technology, and also sheds light on the Science Museum's policy.


Edward Elric
But... isn't Ed a State Alchemist? Isn't he rich? Why does he even need to do this???

Rush Valley. Winry's hyper squealing scream is super annoying. The arm wrestling guys WEREN'T cheating with alchemy in the manga. Ed, however, cheated. He won alright, but as a result, all the technicians wanted to see his automail so he was stripped down to his underpants. "Equivalent exchange", right? Haha! Everything has a price!

However, Paninya WAS a pickpocket in the manga. She stole Ed's watch when he was being stripped. And then the chase is the same. I guess the anime version can't show stripping or promote thief on TV, so the story was changed?

Oops... this is straying away from the dub. OK, the worst moment this time, is Winry and Ed near the end, where Winry begs Ed to return home. It's supposed to show Winry's special feelings towards Ed. The dub turn it into all about automail and fails to show the deeper level. Some people might not be convinced. But the preview of this episode at the end of the last one, was mainly showing Winry, with Ed's monologue saying "I never imagine anyone would think of me this way" or something like that...

However, Winry should know the purpose of Ed's trip! It is to return Al to his body! If he quit the trip, Al would stay as a suit of armour!

Ah, this is also the first episode of season 3. New opening and ending. The OP is out of the question as usual. The ED is cut short too, as usual. Sigh...

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