Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy new year!

Didn't think I'd have access to my blog durring my trip, but appearently I can make an entry. (Without picture, though.)

OK, a note before I move too far, the 29th was the Comic Market, where I met some of my Japanese blog friends in person. I'll make a more detailed report after I return home.

I'd like to thank all my Japanese blog friends for the hospitality, and a wonderful and unforgetable evening. I had a lot of fun. (^_^) Special thanks to Saya and Masoho for organizing the party, and Sora, for visiting me at my hotel on new year's eve! Thanks so much!!! I'm so touched!!!!!

If I were at home, I'd draw a new year card for everyone. Oh well... (^_^;)

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