Saturday, February 17, 2007

Episode 49

Yesterday I wasn't feeling too well so I skipped the blog. Damn the vampire. Woow... 2 more episodes and it's all finished! Waaaa~ (weep)

A rare occation of dub surpassing sub. Dante's manipulationof Rose is clearer in the dub. The sub gives an impression of Rose actually having a thing about Ed. But the dub makes it obvierous that Dante's been feeding thoughts into Rose.

Another point to be of note is the "religion" of the underground city. Argh... I forgot whether it's from the dub or sub, but it mentioned Christianity and x-hundred years ago. So, the gate doesn't only lead to an alternate world, it's also a time tunnel. This also means, although the setup of the alchemy world looks old-timed, it's actually set in the future.

There was an initial shock of the denial of equivalent exchange. Yes, this world is not fair and you may give up everything and get nothing in return. But it can also be viewed as, those who don't get an "equal amount" back, still need to put in more. Loosing something doesn't mean you'll always gain something in return. But if you work towards a goal and put in enough effort, there should always be results, no matter how small.

... however, that's only the missing half of my brain talking. I know way too well that it's not always true. Like my broken left shoulder. I can try, but I'll never be able to play the violin any more. Am I bitter? You bet. But I'd still like to believe in equivalent exchange.

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