Friday, February 23, 2007

Episode 50... biggest FMA plot hole!

Oh my god... only one more episode left...

My nieces don't like the series. They're too young and it scares them a little. But today they watched the last 15 minutes or so with me. Yes, they saw Ed get killed, but they didn't say anything. I could tell they didn't like it, though.

OK, I haven't poked at the show for a while. It's about time. This one has a huge plot hole.

Envy's true form looks like Hohenheim.

Ed hesitates on attacking.

Envy seizes the chance and kills Ed.

So... Envy's true form is the direct cause of Ed's death. Very important, isn't it? But the staff screwed it up.

Envy should not look like Hohenheim. He is supposed to be the first homunculus who was born hundreds of years ago. At that time, Hohenheim must have had a different body!

And even if Envy does look like a young Hohenheim, Ed doesn't know what his dad looked like when he was young! So it doesn't make sense for him to not attack.

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