Friday, March 16, 2007

Episode 2 (re-run)

Usually, I watch the 7 PM show during dinner. Today, I came home late and missed it. Not a big deal. There are still 2 more, 10 PM and 1 AM. But since I've watched them all already, it's only for moral support that I keep watching.

As usual, my brother and sister-in-law dropped my nieces off while they go to church on Friday nights. Although I was in my room doing computer stuff, I can hear what's going on clearly. The girls don't seem to like FMA. Whenever the 10 PM show starts, they change the channel. They are probably too young for it. But today, to my surprise, they watched episode 2! However, their parents came back before the show ended, and it was stopped immediately. It was after Ed defeated Conero and Al was telling Rose that Ed got to where he is by his own effort. Unexpectedly, my sister-in-law said, oh~ scary scary show~! Let's turn it off~.

AAAAARGH!!!! What was she thinking!?!? As a mother, didn't she realise she was injecting fear into her kids!? Sigh, that's it. FMA has been labeled a "scary show" and the chance of getting my nieces to like it is minimized. Grrrrr...

If only she gave it 5 more minutes, let it get to the part where Ed tells Rose to stand up on her own feet, she would have viewed it differently. Or would she? Don't think she considers anime as anything other kids stuff, though.

And, the truth behind all these was, my mom (the girls' grandma) wanted to watch TV herself. She wasted no time switching channel and then rooted herself on the coach. All before my brother's gang left. Mind you, there's another TV downstairs, although it's an older one. Wasn't that ugly? You get 2 adults telling the kids that, this show is scary, it's better for them not to watch, so that the kids would be willing to leave the TV.

Oh why am I angry? Should I even be angry? Am I allowed to be angry? It just breaks my heart that I've given up hope on some people.


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