Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dollar store toy

Found these dolls at a dollar store. At only a buck, you get a doll plus the clothes. The quality of Daiso's $2 dolls can't even come close to this.

Actually I've been looking for a simple white shirt for my Medicom Ed figure, whose right shoulder (with the automail) had become loose. Stuffing sticky tag in there helps, but it gets messy and I don't like it. A slightly oversize shirt should allow good range of movement and doesn't put strain on the joins. (Plus, it looks cute. And on the rotten side, Alphonse Heiderich's shirt. Haha...)

The male doll does seem too big. So just in case, I got the female doll too. Her shirt (dress?) can be a backup if the guy's shirt doesn't work.

(1) Trying the shirt on. Yup, waaaay too big! Can't even work as a lab coat.
(2) Putting on the pants and the shoes. Hmm... OK... this doesn't quite work.
(3) Trying on the nurse dress. Hey... this works unexpectedly well! Although still too big, the belt holds the slacks together really well.

Haha... I wasn't gonna dress Ed up as a nurse. But this is kind of fun.

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