Monday, April 23, 2007

Official Hello Kitty Ed

Thanks Chiwasaki for the info. Regional limited edition Hello Kitty... The region is... Ikebukuro Otome (maiden) Road! That's... BL doujinshi haven, isn't it? Which means, FMA = BL? Wahahaha!! Oh dear...

Hello Kitty looks so wrong with hair! Hahahaha! But then, I guess if you view it as a cosplay, it's pretty good! She even has the antenna! (^_^) This has to be the second most bazaar Kitty, next to the Shibuya long-legged one. (Yup, I got that one. It's so bazaar I had to buy it. This FMA Kitty would be so cool to have, but it's impossible over here. Oh... well.) Either way, I'm happy that FMA is still very popular. (^_^)

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