Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ad links gone???

Checked my FMA site just now. The ad links are gone!? Interesting! Perhaps enough people complained? Now I'll have to take the warning off my top page. I'm glad I took some screen shots for proof. Both the interface, and the adult-looking ads. Oh, the frequency of adult ad banners seems to have lowered too. But... this inconsistency of their policy means they're not reliable. Can I trust them again?

But the banners are still there. Yup, this is fair. (But when I signed up, there were no ads!) Anyway, I'll still have to add some space between my content and the ads. Tons of work as I failed to learn CSS. (I tried, though.) The number of HTML files need to be modified is scaring me away. Sigh...

Still lack of energy. At this rate... will I be able to make a Mother's day card on time...?


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