Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ed Pinky

3rd round of shaping. Been working on it over the weekend. I use the Medicom Ed as reference, but still, can't quite get it right... Perhaps Pinky's stylization is truly unique.

BTW, why is the Medicom Ed's neck being chopped below the jaw line? All the dolls I've seen have the head-neck seam neatly tucked away. This just looks ugly. What borders me is, they could have done a way better job! The "custom" automail on the shoulder side doesn't fit perfectly on the body. You can see gaps. (And they brag about the "custom" parts. Sigh...) Oh! not to mention, his automail left leg is longer than the other one! Grrr... Anyway, A little retouch reveals his neck being too thin and too long.

ところで、Medicom エドの首辺りの分割、どうして顎骨の下にしないかしら?こんな気持ち悪い分割、初めて見た。(>_<;)業者の手抜きにしか感じません。


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