Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Medicom Roy and Al (2)

Medicom had better release the Shamballa Ed or else Al is gonna be too sad... (T_T) Chances are quit slim, though.
  1. It's too expensive.
  2. How many people would buy the same character twice?
  3. Ed's height probably needs a new body.
  4. If demand is high enough, they would have done so already, together with the Shamballa Al.
  5. And up till now, characters have been released in pairs. Who will be paired up with Ed? The remaining characters are a bit weak in terms of popularity.
But I'll buy one if they make it. Voting for Alphonse Heiderich to be part of the pair.

On this forum, there's a photo showing all 4 of them lined up (too bad, can't see much of Ed) . Seems to be from a toy show. Mustang is about the same height as the armour Al, while Shamballa Al is the same size as Ed.

Medicom Roy and Al

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