Sunday, July 29, 2007

Other arms and legs

Watched Akira again with a friend quite a while ago. Wow... how many years has it been? If memory serves me right, the movie came out in 1986. (Oops... Chairman Kaga speaking here.) The animation was state of the art at the time and not a bit dated by current standard. The manga is 100 times more interesting and I used to be so addicted to it!

When Tetsuo builds his missing arm with scraps, I had a little FMA moment. It reminded me of... (need I say more?) Ed's automail arm. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, my brain has already been invaded long ago.

Talking about mechanical limbs... here's another one. Kushana from Nausicaa!

Nausicaa was also a movie / manga that I was madly in love with. Together with FMA, that's 3 cyborg limbs in a roll! Hmm... do I have a thing about cyborg limbs???

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