Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Summer greetings

フリー絵です。どーぞ!(^_^) Thanks Sora for the hand made cow print swim suit~!

Sorry, not really in the mood to celebrate because I've caught a cold... 2 days before Anime Evolution! Aaaaargh!!!! My throat hurts, my neck hurts, my head and sinus hurt, and I feel feverish. Sob sob sob... At this point, I think I'm still going to AE. I really need to sell stuff a the flea market. Hope tomorrow will be a better day.

Watched a documentary on global dimming the other day. It's so scary! We only have a decade left before we reach the point of no return! Sigh... how many people are aware of the danger we're in? I'm doing my best to cut energy and material consumption. But of course, one person isn't enough.

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