Sunday, September 16, 2007


Slept less than 2 hours last night. Why?
  1. Had to work today. Gotta get up early.
  2. The skin allergy around my mouth flared up a little. It was itching.
  3. One of my blog friends is leaving blogging.
Sigh... (3) was probably the biggest.
Sooner or later this would happen, you know. When the manga is finished, fans will turn away. Perhaps in another year or 2? I didn't expect to see this so soon. It's waaay too soon! He can't keep up with blogging because of personal matters. That can't be helped.

I understand that perfectly. But still, I can't stop this sinking feeling in my heart.

He's the one who started my online FMA activities. When I first saw his stuff, I though he was female. His drawings are cute, unisex, and multipurpose, with a wicked sense of humor. (In other word, my ideal style.) The most impressive thing is, he posted a picture almost everyday. I enjoy them very much, and became a fan instantly. He was the first person I ever wrote a Japanese e-mail to, and also the first to whom I left a Japanese blog comment.

Eventually, from his blog grew 2 sites, 2 bulletin boards, 1 chat room, 1 paint board, and 1 paint chat. (There were more, but since one of the 2 sites is under renovations now, those are not available.) On top of all that, he's got another blog for non-FMA contents. This is someone who truly loves FMA. And I salute him for that.

I believe we would still be friends even without the blog, and we do have each other's e-mail address. But, it's just not the same. And if you don't have time to blog, there won't be time for mail either, right? (T_T)

I think I'm gonna be depressed for a while... (T_T)


IS said...

絵もワル載り路線あり 爆
オチあり 才能のある彼ですね


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