Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Book 18 (2)

Finally got a chance to go the the Japanese book store to sort things out. I was expecting parking hell on boxing day. Luckily it wasn't too bad.

Stupid me. I forgot to bring the copy of my order form! Aaaaargh!!! (That, is just one of my many screw-ups lately.) Nevertheless, I explained the situation to the clerk. She couldn't find my book from the shelves behind the counter where orders are stored. Turn out it was sitting in plain sight on the counter, right in front of us! (Why was it there?) And yes, it's the FMA manga book 18 special edition. And it's mine. Didn't seem like they got any for normal air shipment. All of them are regular edition.

She studied the form taped on the book, then told me it was their mistake. (Thank God it wasn't me who screwed this one up. But it's still bad luck.) What she can do is to hold it for me until after the 20th of next month. Then the price would be $8 cheaper.

OK... I'm glad that she's got a solution and I'm not forced to buy it at $24 instead of $16. But I wonder if I had the order form with me, would I be able to pick it up right there at sea shipment price? It's their mistake after all. And it costs me time and gas to go there again. Most of all, it was a torture to see it dangling in front of me, but I can't have it.

Well, let's hope they'll keep their promise and not sell it to anyone else.

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