Monday, December 31, 2007

Shamballa was on YTV again!

Usually my mom gets the TV after dinner, but tonight I got the rare chance to watch it. Just channel-surfing for anything good on this new year's eve, and stumbled across FMA on the YTV east listing on the 8 pm block. As usual, it just said FMA and I thought it was the regular series. But Death Note was shown instead! On closer look, Death Note started at 8:15. This shifted block could only mean one thing. It had to be the movie! And sure enough, YTV west had FMA listed between 9 pm and 11:15 pm, 3 hours after the east.

I haven't been following what's on TV, but I think the regular FMA series has been canned away already. So I'm very happy to see the familiar faces again. Well, honestly, I like the TV series better. The movie has too many holes. I keep saying, one of these days I'm gonna list all the things I want to poke at. Still hasn't happened yet. Haha... (T_T;)

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