Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ed with Masked Rider

Another old photo from the trip. My friend in Hong Kong is a Masked Rider fan. (Plus old fashion robots and super hero etc.) He owns a lot of such action figures so I brought my Ed figure along when I visited him. Thus this picture. (Yay~ Ed looks so tall! Hahaha!)

It was funny how he handled Ed. My first hands-on experience was at the FMA party with my blog friends. I was presented the figure and was encouraged to undress him. (Well, all "rotten girl" wants to see what's underneath Ed's pants.) Then I bought one myself 2 days later and showed it to my traveling companion. She was satisfied by just peeping at the boxer and didn't remove any clothing.

Next would be my manga buddy in Hong Kong. She's a huge SD fan who owns over a dozen of those expensive dolls. The way she handled Ed was totally different. You can tell she's an expert of dolls. And, of course, Ed was stripped bare. Well, my friend was studying the clothes too, since she makes her own doll clothes. However, she's also a self-proclaimed rotten girl. So the photo-shoot later resulted in a few slightly biased pictures.

Last was the guy friend. Knowing he's into action figures, I told him that he was free to strip Ed, but he didn't. Instead, he felt the joints and construction from the outside and didn't remove a single piece of clothing. Maybe he was shy, or maybe guys in general don't care if the doll is wearing underwear.

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