Saturday, April 12, 2008

Work-in-progress (4)

... A miracle has happened! Yay~!! But... but... the paint is glossy (and sticky too)! This is supposed to be satin! Aaaargh!!! And! The colour of Al's hair is wrong. The attempt of a thin layer to simulate a lighter yellow didn't work. Most of all, after some testing, spraying gradation is out of the question. This defeats the whole purpose of buying spray paint... sob sob sob...
With all the colour discrepancies and no time for eye painting, the only viable character is Ed. Mai's face stood in for now. Hmm... actually it's not bad. The original choice was 007, 016, or the RM Pinkys. The picnic didn't go as expected either. Oh well. Nevertheless, the weather was gorgeous (nicest so far this year), and my wish of shooting sakura photos with FMA Pinkys is fullfilled.... kind of. According to my friend, the sakura are only blooming at 30%. So... I might do it again next week.

Ed's antenna and braid fall out all the time. (T_T) The paint has been scratched already, and there's a crack running down the mid line! Oh boy! All these damage after only one day? Gotta do something about it... The ideal would be to make a copy completely out of Sculpy. Aaaaw, this means I'll have to make a mold first... Let's see if I can do that before next weekend.

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