Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ed & Al chocolate

Interesting naming! And... red for Ed, blue for Al. Perfect! (^_^)
Edo Pack, made in Korea. This company actually has a lot of products, from crackers and fish sausage to ginseng energy drink. What caught my eyes was "Edo" in Japanese on the side of the box. This seems to be a recent thing. Hmm... although it's Korean, it's got English, Chinese, French(?), Japanese and Korean on the box. They've got it all covered. Taste... I've only tried the chocolate one and it's very similar to the Costco 1kg box of truffle. The strawberry one went to a Japanese friend so I have no idea what it tastes like. Now that I think about it, sending mystery candy is a bit risky. Sorry if it doesn't taste good! (>_<;) Plus! The weather went haywire and turn into mid-summer over night. The package hasn't arrived yet, but I'm sure by the time it does, the chocolate will be all melted. Sorry!!! (T_T)
Alfort chocolate on digestive cookie. Japanese product. Bite size, quite good! Actually the yellow box (caramel flavour) is better than the regular blue box. It's at the additive level on my scale.

(A closer look on the Edo Pack box.)

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