Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ad attack... again?!

OK I admit, I haven't updated the FMA Detox site for almost a year. (I've logged on every now-and-then to check if the account still exists, though.) Now Byethost is ad-jacking again. Clicking the link sends you to an ad page plus a few pop-ups. I have no choice but to disconnect the link. Sure hope this is temporary.

On the other hand, I can no longer log onto my account! Aaaaaaargh!!!! (Panic)

Well... it's free after all, and I haven't been doing my part. If they delete it, I can't say anything. But... but... there's a toy web site that I set up with the same free host ages ago, and the password is invalid for years, still exist. Only killing the FMA site but not the toy site? No fair!!!

(And... this icon is supposed to be animated. Uploading directly to Blogger turns everything into jpg and loosees the gif animation. Does anything work properly anymore? Sigh...)

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