Friday, October 03, 2008

Oct 3

Guaranteed a photo of the watch. (^_^) It's also the once a year chance to use the watch.


Inugami said...

I have the same version of the watch!! :)

October 3rd is a very significative date for FMA fans. I just watched the OVA which resumes the anime series at night.

But since I wear my watch almost everyday, I can't forget that date xD

MC said...

Nice to "meet" you! With FMA's popularity, I still find it hard to get in touch with other fans. Strange, isn't it? Thanks for your comment! I love your site(s), especially the Shamballa characters' real life counterpart, even though I can't read them. (^_^)

Inugami said...

I am thinking in making an english version of Beyond The Gate, so please be patient and maybe there will be news about it... ;)
Nice blog! I love FMA too ^^

MC said...

Cool! Looking forward to the English version!