Thursday, November 06, 2008



Inugami said...

You too?
Last week I had a blood test too, and I had a low red cell count. Although mine is due to the whole other problems I had with my health.

I hope you get well soon. If you take care of yourself, anemia is easy to revert.

MC said...

Thanks. "You too" means you're also anemic? Wow we're anemic buddies! (Just kidding...) You take care too!

Yup, that's what the blood test result said. That explains the hair lost, exhaustion, and paleness. (Well, the hair lost had improved before I started taking the iron pills, so I'd say it was stress.)

Inugami said...

anemic buddies! hehe, you made me laugh in such a way that everyone turned their heads to me. They have no sense of humor =_=

Yesterday I went to the doctor. And she said that I also need to drink more milk (and I hate it, just like Ed). So she gave me calcium pills too.

Just be sure to take your pills every day, and they can be taken before or after eating, but some peolpe said that they give best results if you take them before breakfast.

MC said...

Ah yes, iron pills are best taken with an empty stomach, apparently. My doctor told me to take it after a meal, though. I've already forgotten 3 times within this 2 weeks. Haha... (>_<;)

I hate milk too. Maybe it's a good thing that I'm lactose intolerance. But I'm also short because of that. (T_T)