Sunday, February 22, 2009

New TV ad (2)

(20090301 video replaced due to removal of original.)

Before you know it, the second ad has been aired.

This time, my source is here. It's the first time I've ever been there. It's got some good stills from the clip.

This, is on my daily list. It's so funny I'd like to share her observations. Please go there to see her choice of stills. (^_^)
  • Mustang's face looks different from moment to moment. (Yikes! Now I'm worried about the drawing quality!) Snapping fingers on both hands seems to be funny (but I don't really feel it). And he holds up his arms at the end like Kimblee. (Yes, I can see this as being out of character.)
  • Al flashes too much! He looks much more agile then the first series.
  • Ed's pupils are too small! At night, the colour tracing on his hair seems to be acceptable. But his eyebrows being traced with black, look too thick. (Yes I'm against the colouring tracing. Makes him look like an Asian cosplaying. This does nothing but waste time. If they have so much time to colour-trace, why not spend it on animation?)
  • Armstrong... a manga-looking speed line background. Or is it cutting corners? (I'd say, cutting corners.)
  • Hughes... The site owner supports bringing back the original voice actor for him.
  • Hawkeye... not sharp enough, sleepy eyes! Might work well for the scene she asks the Fuhrer about his "family". She also looks too young and feels like she hasn't been through the battle of Ishbal. Should separate the age between the brothers and the adults. Not sexy enough. (Just looking at this shot, I think she's already a lot prettier than the character design on the official site.)
  • Homunculus... gets a shot before Winry in all anime magazine! Poor Winry! (Yes, poor Winry!!!!)
  • Lust... much sexier comparing to Hawkeye. Good staging not showing her whole face. If her lips look like this, what will Olivie's look like? (I think she's a lot prettier than the first series too.)
  • Gluttony... nothing remarkable.
  • Text... what are those numbers behind the text? Do they actually mean something? (Looking at how they trun lazy on the title and other things, I'd say, these are just random numbers.)
  • Title... so, looks like this plain design is gonna stick. Still using the old transmutation circle from the old TV series. Can't really seen what the staff are aiming at. (Yup, I can't see anything but lazy.)
So, I'm disappointed about the colour-tracing on Ed's hair, the plain text title logo, recycling the old transmutation circle, and most of all, the quality of animation.

Actually, I was quite shocked after the first shot, Ed's signature hand-clapping transmutation pose. Comparing to the old TV series, this has absolutely no punch! I'm talking about the animation. There's hardly any bounce after the clap! Which makes Ed look so stiff! Now I'm really worried about the quality of this new series. Looks to me like the staff might think this "product" sold before, and it will sell even with less care and resource. It's a test of how much corner they can cut.

Of course, I wish I'm wrong.


Tansyuduri said...

once again thank you so much! I totaly agree the old art style was so much better! freinds?

MC said...

It was better it was better... (T_T) But I must say the new one does look closer to Arakawa's drawing.