Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bandai Choco Mint

Thanks Chiwasaki again for the info.

Yay~! New toy~! ...Wait! What the...? Is this design based on some doujinshi? Totally fails to capture Arakawa's style or the new TV series'. No, I'm not talking about the shrinkage. They've got the head-body proportion wrong. It's not cute, but grotesque. And most of all, these are just not chubby enough!

"Choco Mint" from Bandai. The name sounds like candy toy. According to Amiami, 4200 yen for a tray of 8, which seems to contain a full set. Works out to be slightly over 500 yen each. But it doesn't say how tall these figurines are. Hard to judge at this point. Well, unless they're really bad, I think I'll still buy a set if I'm lucky enough to come across any.

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