Monday, April 13, 2009

Episode 1 (3)

Sorry, I can't help it. The official translation of the Funnimation site webcast is kind of off.

"Freezing Alchemist". "Freezing" as in "too cold"? Sounds like they're talking about Isaac being too cold! And... "Freezer"? As in "fridge"?

I guess they had to use "halt" instead of "freeze" as what cops normally say, because it's too much of a pun here. A bit awkward.

Isaac talking to himself about properties of water? Yeah, the viewers might need to know, but this is just awkward.

If it's top priority to take Isaac into custody, why did it take so long? May I ask how longs has it been since the Ishbalian rebellion ended?

Poor Isaac has no friends... I mean, what is a "war buddy"? What kind of translation is this?

Aaaaargh!!!!! There's the "brother" again! The number one failure of the last dub!!!! (T_T)

As I pointed out last time, this "hell" line is totally out of Ed's character. Sigh... (T_T)

"Don't be shy..." Since when did Armstrong became such a pervert?

What exactly was Gluttony eating? To me, he looked like he was eating air. There was no substance. Or was it the flooring?

Last, I think something was lost in translation on episode 2's title. Shouldn't it be something like "the day it all began" instead of "the first day"? I hate to say, sometimes the fan sub does a better job.


Inugami said...

Let's see... some things I'd like to comment.
- On the translation of Isaac's title, I had read it as "Ice Alchemist" or "Isaac of Ice". I think it has more sense than "Freezing Alchemist", or "Isaac the Freezer"; this last one sounds really funny to me. And I wondered too why they had waited so long to catch Isaac.
- How it could the "nii-san!" be translated if not as "brother!"? I don't get the point ._.U
- I agree about the "hell" thing. ¿How it could be possible that a self-proclaimed atheist as Ed would say something about hell? Sounds really weird coming from Ed.
- And about Armstrong and his last lines on this episode, maybe it's a bit OOC but is really funny.
- I think Gluttony was eating the flooring.
- and finally, the fansubbed version I'm watching in Spanish had titled the second chapter "The day of the beginning"

And now, some issues that I had about this episode.
- What about the flash appearance of Father on the minute 20:25? Too soon?
- One of my friends pointed that the new Lust's voice is too "whore-ish" (pardon for the term XD). I like it, although I would have liked her previous seiyuu.

Totally Off-topic, do you know there's already a project for an OVA (for Blu-Ray and DVD) based on "The Blind Alchemist" gaiden? And there will be an extra animation called "Hiromu Arakawa's Yonkoma Theatre", included in an extra added for the limited edition.

urikurage said...

I guess 'war buddy' is 'comrade'or'fellow soldier'.
We use the ward 'sen-yu',sen means war and yu means friend,you know.
I think Edo has chenged his charactaer in New Anime.
I love Hagane but・・・.

MC said...

Hi Inugami! Thanks for the comment. (^_^) The "brother" thing doesn't work because in western culture, siblings usually call each other by name. This "brother" thing seems to apply to south east Asian countries only. (But I may be wrong.) If the characters are speaking English, I personally think it feels more natural if Al calls Ed by his name.

As to the "Father" making an appearance, it might make sense storywise, but I think it's too confusing.

"The Blind Alchemist" seems to be a freebie disk that comes with the first DVD. I wish that episode was worked into the series instead. (T_T)

Hi Urikurage! Thanks for your comment! (^_^) Yup, I totally agree on the translation issue. And there seems to be a difference between the old anime Ed's personally and the original manga version. If the new anime follows the manga, it's inevitable. I guess it can't be helped... (>_<;)

Tansyuduri said...

Thank you so much for being yet another fullmetal fan who sees the flaws of the new version! I love you for it!