Tuesday, April 07, 2009


As expected, YouTube is very quick on deleting. Sigh... (T_T)
I've read from Japanese blog reviews and know that number 23 makes an appearance in the OP, but never expect him to be in the very first shot! It was a shock. But come to think of it, he's the beginning of the whole story. So it makes sense. For manga followers like me, it feels like a huge spoiler, but it can be a nice teaser too.
These few sequences are traumatic enough to give me a nightmare. The Homunculus shot was so fast, I didn't catch enough to realize what was actually going on. Yikes! You can say, this is a bit misleading. Aren't they all separate entities? Or, is this actually hinting something?
The cast of characters. Huh? Hughes comes before Mustang? Risa, Armstrong... Hey what happened to the rest of the Mustang crew? Scar looks too heroic. That's too much of a spoiler. Showing Greed not as part the other Homunculus is also a spoiler. The shot of Ed in battle after the shot of Bradley can also be read as a spoiler.
Giving his automail back to the gate...? Is this another spoiler? Winry is gonna get mad!
Now, stuff to pick on.

Aren't they supposed to be no more than 10 and 11? But look at their elongated faces! They look like they're in their 20's!

Yes, they're the beginning and the end of the same shot. Yes, it's super zoomed in. Yes, I know it's difficult to animate small pictures, but it just looks so bad! (No one's gonna see this unless they freeze the frame anyway. Not a problem.)

Last but not least, Ed's braid seems to have grown in thickness. The base of the braid has also grown.

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