Thursday, November 05, 2009

Next colour

Masking felt short. Touched up bleeding with base colour. Washed the brush with nail polish remover. Painted the top and fins with acrylic craft paint. They're easily scratched, and need a coat of varnish.

All these solvents gave me a migraine attack. Completed with dancing lights, ya know. (T_T) It was really stupid of me not to make sure the window was opened. (T_T)


MikaMika said...

I just wonder if you take commission on Edward and Alphonse pinkies and how much they'd cost ;w;
Thank you!

MC said...

Hi! Thanks for your interest in my FMA Pinkys! I'm making them as a hobby and going very slow. It took me a year to arrive at what you see now, and they aren't even finished. As much as I want to speed things up, I don't think I can for the time being. And it's not fair for me to take orders. However, I'd love to eventually made more and be able to sell garage kits. Do you think it's possible to leave me a way to contact you? Thanks! (^_^)