Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 Red mittens

No more size M. Only size S left. A bit too small but will have to do for now. According to the red mittens site, this is the last shipment. The white ones were on sale. Not as nice as the red ones, though.


meodien1812 said...

Hi there, I've seen your page and I really appreciate for what you've done. Can I post your FMA illustrations on my LiveJournal? I'll give full credit to you and link back to your page, of course.I don't have account on blogger.com so it would be nice if you can answer me on my LJ page: http://meodien1812.livejournal.com/ or my email : azure_aware@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance! If you can't accept it then...It's alright. Just so you know, I like all your works and you always have my support :D

MC said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment and compliments. It's good to be able to get in touch with other fans! Yes you may post my pictures. It's my way to preach for FMA. Wish I had time to draw more, though.