Friday, June 04, 2010

Comic books sizes

Now I have FMA comic books from 4 different countries. Nope, the only one I'm collecting is the Japanese one. The others are just loose ones. (Except for the English one which is bought for a friend.)

The Taiwanese version is the same width as the Japanese one, but shorter.

The English version is wider than taller. Doesn't seem to be scaled in proportion to the Japanese one.

The Italian version is the biggest so far. Looks like it's in proportion to the English one, but not the Japanese one.
Hmm... strange...


Anonymous said...

Hi~! I just found this blog, your posts are quite interesting! ^^

About volumes size: I have only Polish ones (they're small) and one from Italy. And no, I don't know Italian xD When I was in Italy I saw two kind of FMA volumes - normal and "gold" ones. 'Gold' series was much larger then normal ones- and you seem to have that one ,which is why it's much bigger than the others...I think ^^;

Sorry if I confused you here, English is not my native language ^^;;

Kettle_cat ~♥

MC said...

Thanks for the info! (^_^)