Friday, March 25, 2011

Arakawa's new manga

Arakawa's next manga is finally announced! "Silver Spoon", on "Sunday" weekly magazine, coming out on April 6th! The story is set in a contemporary high school in Hokkaido. Since she came from Hokkaido, everyone is saying this manga is probably based on her own life.

This is her fist time releasing installments on a weekly magazine. I could be wrong, but I think 20 pages are published each week. A month adds up to 80 pages, which is double her monthly magazine output! Yikes! Looking back at her FMA days, I don't think she'll have much problem with schedule. However, she does have a kid after all, and things can be tough.
I wish her luck and hope this is as good as FMA. (And... to be able to find it online like FMA, hehehe...)

Source: 『鋼の錬金術師』荒川弘先生、次回作は『銀の匙(ぎんのさじ)』

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