Saturday, March 25, 2006

Book spine

Every one's talking about book 13 in Japan now. Oh~ I can't wait~! The issue of the book spine comes up quite a bit. It's empty, meaning no one died in that book. (This is not in the English version because there's no book cover. And I don't remember seeing it at the end of the content. Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

So the spine is empty this time. But hold on! Didn't Lanfan loose her arm in book 12? When Havoc became paraplegic, his legs showed up on the spine of book 10. Hmm.... does this mean Lanfan can get her arm back, but there's no hope for Havoc?

Wait! Ross was on the spine of book 9 too, but she didn't actually die! OK... I guess that's necessary for the plot.

Looking back at book 6 where the brothers lost their body parts, they weren't on the spine either. Is this a sign that both of them will be able to return to normal?

Or am I taking it too seriously? Are they just graffities and not accurate indications of the story?


真朱薫 said...

But I believe that Havoc revives!!

Lanfan will get Automail Arm...Just like Edo.

I am praying that you be able to get #13 early.

Black Label said...

Hmm... I see... so body-parts don't count.
Oh! It's gonna take a month before book 13 arrives. Can't wait~!

みどり said...


Oh, I think the legs on the spine of book 10 belong to Ross(in book 10, you read that she's alive. so she is falling to the ground), not to Havoc.

Black Label said...

Really!? Those are Ross' legs? Wow I totally misread that! Hmm... looks like the legs are wearing hospital gown and slippers, though. That's why I thought they're Havoc's.

みどり said...


Yeah, you're right, the legs are wearing casual pants and slippers.
Still, when you look closely on the spine of book 9, 10 or in book 10, Ross seems wearing same things.

And, considering that air stream's tailing above, and that "あーー(aghhhh)" voice beside the legs, those legs seem to be falling down rather than soaring up.

After all, you know, Havoc did not lose his legs but got paralyzed.
Well...that's why I thought those legs are Ross'.
I'm sorry if I'm wrong.

Black Label said...

Ah! I think you're right! Cool! Now I can finally understand. Thanks~ みどりさま! (^_^)