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Episode 12

Aired 20050519. The Other Brothers Elric part 2. Original title, The Land of Sand part 2.
(Sigh... got sick last week and I'm now a whole week behind on these reviews... Gotta catch up ASAP.)
  1. Ed and Al escape with Fletcher's help.
  2. Mugear knows all along that the boys are Nash Tringham's sons.
  3. Belcio tells Ed and Al about Nash.
  4. Nash went to Central to research on the Red Water, but ended up abandoning the project.
  5. Landowner Mugear picked Nash up and use his research to revive the town by restoring the gold deposit.
  6. The gold came back along with a plague that killed most newborns.
  7. Elisa was saved by a travelling alchemist doctor named Marco.
  8. Nash realized he was making the town suffer and disappeared.
  9. The gold mind dry up again.
  10. Ed is still unsure about what to think of the Tringhams, while Al understands their feelings and is on their side.
  11. Mugear pushes ahead the plan of using pregnant women to crystallize the Red Stone.
  1. The Tringhams refuse to cooperate and are jailed.
  2. Nash was actually killed by Mugear from refusing to use that method.
  3. Ed and Al visit Mugear, who solicits their help on the Red Water project.
  4. Seeing through Mugear's lies, Ed releases the Tringhams and battles Mugear.
  5. The Red Water geyser caves in, killing Mugear.
  6. To stop the overflowing toxic Red Water, the Tringhams use the surrounding trees as sponges, then neutralizing them, which is also part of their research.
  7. Russell, the older Tringham brother, finally makes up his mind to stop pursuing his father's dream and live his own life.
  8. The Elrics continue their journey to see Mustang in Central.
This time there are tons to poke at. Tons!

When Mugear busted the Tringham brother...
Dub: "The true Edward Elric has an automail arm. "
Sub: "The true Edward Elric has blond hair and golden eyes."

Lust's mystery line after talking to Mugear...
Dub: "One way or the other, things will work out."
Sub: "This place will fall."

When Ed releases the Tringham brothers...
Dub: "Live your own life and stop the acting, trying to be someone you're clearly not."
Sub: "Move forward and don't do anything stupid, because you've used my name." This makes much more sense and Ed sounds so much cooler.

When Russell captures Mugear, he should be more rude. "I do hate to interrupt but it looked like you needed the help." Ed's reaction should be both surprised and angry.
Dub: "Naaah." It totally doesn't match his facial expression.
Sub: "Wwwhat?!"

While soaking up the Red Water with trees, Fletcher says...
Dub: "See, it works!" ...which implies that it was his idea.
Sub: "Brother..." ...which is both an expression of surprise and gratefulness.

In front of the train, Russel tells Ed...
Dub: "You deserve to know." This makes him too authoritative.
Sub: "It's better for you to know." He's thinking of the big picture.

And then Elisa syas...
Dub: "And by that time, I'll probably be taller than you."
Sub: "When that happens, I hope you'll be bigger."

But the biggest turn-off, is Russell's name got revealed too soon.
Dub: Fletcher calls Russell by his name right after catching Mugear, and so does Ed in the cave.
Sub: His name isn't revealed until the letter at the very end! This way it keeps the audiences wondering what this fake Ed is really called! Not a big mystery, but it's way more delicious.

Other then that... Argh! Russell sounds like Tucker!

Bloopers? Haha... just shots to look at.

Mugear's pot: Oh! Nice CG effect! But... is he an alchemist? It was never explained in the original, but in the dub, he isn't. Somehow this pot reminds me of the old fashion diving helmet...

What? Elisa sleeps with her hair dressed? That's gonna be super uncomfortable! Talking about hair... in episode 6, Ed sleeps with his hair braided too!

Full animation on Ed and Russell! It makes sense for Ed because it's an action shot but Russell is just standing up. Why use full animation??? On the other hand, Flecther is a still until almost the very end. Then he just snaps to look up. Doesn't seem like the resources are properly distributed.
Al's armour should be able to let him break away instead of hiding behind the pillar.

The camera angle is kind of strange when Mugear gets tied up by vines.

Why do Ed and Al push the pillar? Do they want to kill Mugear? That's out of their character! Hold on... those vines aren't carved on the pillar? This has gotta be either a painting mistake or an animation mistake!

Wooooo... CG particles on tree destruction. The whole scene is really cenametic. Nicely done... but maybe slightly cheesy for TV.

d plans in the lab: OK they got me on this one. Initially I thought it implies something evil is going on, but turns out it's the Tringham brother's effort to neutralize the toxin.

Hey! Ed isn't mad when Elisa comments on his height! I guess he can't get mad on a little gir.

Oh~ well, this time there aren't many Ed's funny faces.

Overall, both baby brothers are waaay more mature then the older brothers.

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