Saturday, May 27, 2006

FMA @ YouTube

I wanted to show my Miami friend the full set of 8 openings and endings, since the North American release only uses the second season OP. (Lazy bastards!!) A quick search at YouTube came up with over 5000 videos on FMA!! My, my...! They're...
  1. Home-made music videos re-edited from show clips.
  2. Official footage of TV and movie, clips or whole (including OPs and EDs).
  3. Official traliers, promo, ads, specials, etc.
  4. Home-made parodies including filming with toys.
  5. Events (cosplay, stage performances, actor interviews, etc.)
  6. Footage from games.
Here are some that I'm making a note for info purpose...

Trailers, promos, and ads:
Opening and ending sequences:
Stage performance at events.
Episodes in English:
(How come there're way more subs than dubs??? )

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