Sunday, June 25, 2006

Art book #1

Wow~! Thanks Andrew for this art book #1! It's the official hard cover North American release by Viz! And the last copy in the store too... thanks! Thanks~! Thanks x 100! Now I'll have to get you more Haros. (^_^)

So far the only time art book #2 showed up was in the Richmond Japanese book store, air shipment section. They used to have around 3 copies. All sold out, but there's no sea shipment! What are they waiting for? Ironically, they have piano scores for both the TV series and the movie! Grrr...


Andrew said...

You're welcome but - please no more Haros! It's not like I don't like them but 4 is enough! And Haros without Toris just don't feel the same.

That is, unless you plan to get me a real life Lacus Clyne later to go with them ;). Yeah, I know, keep dreaming - air shipping from Zaft colonies is a deal-breaker.

Black Label said...

Haha... I've already bought a bunch of Haros for "future use". Sorry I've never seen any Tori. Real life Lacus? No problem. Here you go. I'm afraid you'll need to manually enter the complete address.