Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Episode 17

Aired 20060623. House of the Waiting Family. Same as original title.

Here's the episode guide and detailed recap at What? No recap again?! "House of the Waiting Family doesn't have a recap yet and you are just the person to add one." Sigh...

Right within the first 30 seconds Ed says "there's no family waiting for us". A bit too literal...

Dub: Old lady Pinako.
Sub: Auntie Pinako.
It must be the western culture at work here... Ed sounds less polite calling Pinako that.

"...The watch has got amplifiers that boost your transmutations..."
No, there's no such line in the original. Somebody exercised his/her misused "artistic license" here. The use of transmutation amplifiers was only allowed in the battle fields of the Ishbal rebellion.

Dub: There's this thing you see, something I've been meaning to tell you for a long time, Al. But I've been kind of scared, I guess, what your reaction would be.
Sub: I've wanted to ask you something for a while... but I've been afraid to ask.
The original is ask. Not tell. And it wouldn't work otherwise. Because Ed wants to ask Al if he hates him.

Hey... they deleted a shot of the house right before Ed's automail docking! The result: dialogues are squeezed into the second shot!

This is an unusual camera. Winry goes off on how cool automail is, but the camera is on Armstrong and Al. I'm taking this as a slack-off. Comparing to animating a lively Winry, it saves a lot of time to just point the camera to these 2 guys. It's almost a still!

Pinako asks both Armstrong and Al to laid Ed down? But Al can't move! If attaching the automail hurts so much, how did Ed do it himself when his arm got taken off by Barry the Chopper, and his leg got stolen by the girl in the last episode?

After Ed fixes Al, Al says "I feel great". Huh? Al can't feel anything as a suit of armour? Oh... hold on, or is that a manga-only set-up?

forget what?
Wait a second, she's not supposed to say anything there!

And Winry doesn't say "shutting everything out" in the original. The dub makes everything too literal! It's again, an insult on viewing experience! The viewers are supposed to feel these things themselves!

Here's where it makes you feel that this is a well-written script. Al can't remember friends but remembers mom's flash light, which Ed forgets. One thing balances out the other. Kind of touching...


Winry: So you'll come home soon?
Ed: Yeah.
Winry: Have a save trip.
Ed: Sure.
This one is just completely wrong! It's the opposite of the original! Grrrr!!! This is Winry's moment of enlightenment! Going from wanting Ed to stay, to letting him go. It's totally ruined!!!!!!

And then, at the very end, some body's "artistic license" added lines that don't exist into Winry's mouth. She didn't say "But what exactly do you think he wanted to remember?"

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