Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Episode 15

Aired 20060609. Ishbal Massacre. Same as original title.

Here's the episode guide and detailed recap at TV.com.

Armstrong finally shows off his muscles! But... it isn't as funny as in the manga because of Scar's reaction. He pretty much ignores him. (OK, maybe they're saving room for the next episode.) The lack of reaction is the same when Hughes describes the battle between Mustang and Scar as "freak show" near the end. No reaction = not funny!

And Scar just stands there when Armstrong hits him?

They've done a pretty good job on Marco explaining the Ishbal rebellion. Marco's voice actor is good.

The clasp on the box... is a common design, but animated so well! They pay a lot of attention to details. The animator could have easily hidden the action with Marco's hand, but he (she) did not choose the easy way out.

If Gran was the commander, why did he have to take part in the destruction? Commanders shouldn't enter the battle field!

The scene where the Fuhrer visited Armstrong in the hospital (?) is supposed to be a silence scene. But the English dub added dialogue...

The classic "rain drops as tear drops" shot. Al is unable to cry, but here, he looks like he's crying. The rain speaks for his emotions. Very clever and effective.

The broken pieces... are so intricately drawn! Lucky for the animator, they aren't moving individually, though. Just sliding cells.

English dub bashing time.
When Ed talks about revenge and equivalent exchange...
Dub:That isn't how the principle works. Haven't you learned that yet? Destroying lives doesn't bring lives back ... we all just have to live and be content while we can."
Sub:No! Revenge isn't going to bring anything back! You just have to live... Live, and be happy.
This gap is way too big. The original one is quite touching. It shows how important Al is to Ed. But the dub turns it into Ed lecturing Al. Booooo! This also directly affect the atmosphere of the following scene of Ed fixing Als' arm.

When Hawkeye knocks Mustang down...
Mustang: "That's no way to get promoted, Hawkeye!"

Hawkeye: "Relax sir, I just saved your life. Your flame attack's no good in the rain."

Havoc: "She has a point, Colonel. Wet gloves can't make a spark."

Mustang: "What are you doing all of a sudden?!"

Hawkeye: "You're useless when it's raining, so please stay back, Colonel."

Havoc: "He can't make any sparks when it's this damp."

Well... the dub IS acceptable but too bad they dropped the key work "useless", which is supposed to go onto Mustang's label.

When Scar is about to destroy Ed's right arm...
Dub: By clasping your hands, you make an array with your body and circulate the alchemic reaction within ... I know your secret, and without this sinful arm you can't transmute quickly. That is your weakness!
Sub: By putting your two hands together, you create a circle, then transmute with the circulated power. You cannot transmute without this annoying arm. I will destroy it.
Well... this one is acceptable too, but the dub makes Scar look too smart.

And then there's the difference in Al pleading Ed to run. His acting is horrible as usual. His "reading" style is especially bad in an emotional scene like this. Sigh... I have no energy left to pick on him. I give up. That's enough for one day.

I think this is the scene where I realized I officially got hooked on the brothers. And yes, the impact of Al's punch is fully shown as usual. Ouch! (Huh? Why doesn't Ed rub his cheek afterwards??? It should be very sore...) The animation of Al's arm falling off is excellent! This kind of weight is tricky! Great job!

Oh~ no funny faces of Ed this time. Instead, he's full of sorrow, which is quite painful to watch. (Huh? Oops... must be getting hooked... yikes...) Hahaha...

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