Friday, July 21, 2006

Funimation Shamballa trailer

The FMA movie trailer is on the front page of the Funimation official site. Hey... wait a sec... "Shaballa"??? Oh my god!! Huge typo!!! (Hmm... I wonder when they'll notice...) So, just for proof, I grabbed a copy.

The tralier is very different from the Japanese version. I'll have to say, the Japanese did a way better job. The English one is just confusing.
English trailer:

Japanese trailer:

The DVD comes out on September 12? Hey what about the theatrical release? Although I've seen the sub already, I'll probably go to the theatre once, as the duty of a fan. (^_^) Too bad... I can't say I like the movie, though.


Andrew said...

Theatrical release?? Almost guaranteed it will NOT happen. There are very few anime movies that ever get into theatres over here, almost all of them being Miyazakis. And even those bomb. I will make a bet with you, I'll buy you a ticket if it gets to theatres.

Black Label said...

Haha... sure I'll hold you to your promise. Actually, I saw Steam Boy in Tinsel Town too.