Friday, August 11, 2006

Episode 24

Aired 20060811. Bonding Memories. Same as original title. Here's the episode guide and detailed recap at Oh wait, they don't have a recap, again. Grrr...

I guess one can build up tolerance by exposing oneself to shocks. Or does it just turn into numbness? After last episode, this one feels much better...

Oh, yet another set of brothers. It's pretty obvious for comparison with the Elrics. Ed hardly shows up in this episode. Al is... yeah, he's there, but the story is focused on Rick and Leo.

Winry's drawing of Al is so cute! She can be a comic artist too!

One question. Was Rick and Leo's home bombed? It looks like their mom went into the room, and then it exploded. The timing is like, she set off a self-destruction or something. And then, if the house exploded, how did the kids survive?

The old man keeps calling Al "stranger". So Al never introduced himself?

The combat scenes are excellent, though!

Where's the transmutation circle for the cage indoors? Oh well I guess they were forcing the tempo with this scene when drawing the storyboard.

How did Scar neutralize the dart guy's alchemical attack? It took 2 viewings to see it clearly. It was too short and didn't give the viewer enough time to digest.

The English dub's got more cheese. (But sorry I don't have the energy to do a detailed line-to-line comparison.)
  • Ed asking Al if he hates him for what happened.
  • Rick almost got killed. Mom's pendant saved him.
  • Scar telling Al he's human.
How come there are only this few Ishbalans left? (7 only?!?!) Wouldn't you expect more?

And Scar calls Ed "Ed". Wouldn't it normally be "Edward" instead??? They aren't... friends or anything, right? So... Scar is no longer trying to kill Ed?

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