Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I want one of those...

... Al & Shaomei key chains~!!!!!

But it's not for sale and really hard to come by. It was some kind of mail-in thing with Gangan magazine in Japan... (This image is stolen from Yahoo Japan auction.)

Yeah yeah yeah, I could try auctions, but the price triples by the time it gets here, and there's no way to know how high the price gets. Plus, if the shopping service wasn't willing to help me with the 600 yen set of phone straps, I doubt if they can help me with this.

So... I ended up messing around with Premo. This is the first time I use this product. It's supposed to be more flexible than Sculpey, but more tricky than I thought. The white and cream ones are more sticky, while the silver is much harder, and doesn't mix well. It left streaks all over!

The experiment continues...

Taa-daa! Finished! Yay~! These are worse than Lay's chips. Couldn't stop!!!

Ed is way harder to make so I gave up on him. And I don't want to leave an opened brick of Premo so I just used it all up. This kind of polymer clay does weird things if you leave it for too long. Like, dissolving plastic containers. Hmm... maybe glass would work better, but not very practical...

At the end of all that, my hands were sore from all the kneading. Two nights only produced 8 plus 2 unusable tests... Quite labour intensive.

Now, what am I gonna do with all these extra Als? Hmm... Maybe they can help me generate some income. However, divide the number up, and these have to be sold at really high price to justify my time and effort. Totally not worth it. (Sigh...)

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